ah! ultra-minimalist based on vacuum insulating glass allows for 12mm total
thickness glass to achieve triple glazing performance.


ah! ultra-minimalist is based on the revolutionary vacuum insulating glass. This technology allows for 12mm total thickness glass to achieve triple glazing performance.
By reducing glass thickness the overall aluminium structure of the window diminishes proportionally, resulting in an extremely slim and minimal system. Also, by using vacuum insulating glass, the vertical sightlines are reduced to an astonishing 15mm, even less than the initial systems based on standard double insulating glass.
The system can achieve pane surfaces up to approximately 4.5m² and allows for the introduction of a wide range of accessories.

window anatomy

performance up to

thermal coefficient

Uw = 0.724W/m².K

(Ug = 0.48W/m².K)

water tightness

Class 5A


Red dot 2018

air tightness

Class 3

sound insulation


wind resistance

Class B3



opening possibilities


Fixed system, with a fixed frame that cannot be opened. Not designed to ventilate but to to let in natural light. Designed to match other panoramah! openable solutions.


This sliding system, with limitless number of rails, opens horizontally and with our removable bearing profile system, allows to slide large panels effortlessly and in a single, gentle movement.


Framed corner angle setup that allows two bi-parting units to slide without the need for a fixed vertical upright.


Opening configuration that allows for a complete recessing of the window’s moving panels into a wall, ceiling or floor creating the experience of a full flowing space.

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