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ah!38 excels as an exterior opening system comprising a balanced combination of thermal
and acoustic behavior, suited to all climates.


ah!38 offers great flexibility in the modular composition of openings, including opening corner solutions, pocket sliding configurations, curved layouts, tilted spans and retractable mosquito nets. The alternatives come in a wide range of formats such as sliding, vertical sliding, pivot and tilt-turn units. ah!38 also includes a variety of add-ons, finishes and it can be completely automated. It is a system that allows double glazed surface areas of up to 19m², or triple glazed of up to 6m². Both options use 20mm vertical profiles.

window anatomy

performance up to

thermal coefficient

Uw = 0.816W/m².K

(Ug = 0.47W/m².K)

water tightness

Class E900


HVHZ4 / 50 psf

air tightness

Class 4

sound insulation


wind resistance

Class C5



opening possibilities


Fixed system, with a fixed frame that cannot be opened. Not designed to ventilate but to to let in natural light. Designed to match other panoramah! openable solutions.


This sliding system, with limitless number of rails, opens horizontally and with our removable bearing profile system, allows to slide large panels effortlessly and in a single, gentle movement.


Invisible frame system further emphasizes the minimalism feature by concealing the frame below the finished floor, walls and ceiling. It provides a threshold-free transition between inside and outside as the space between the narrow tracks is covered by the same material as the interior of the room.


Opening configuration that allows for a complete recessing of the window’s moving panels into a wall, ceiling or floor creating the experience of a full flowing space.


Framed corner angle setup that allows two bi-parting units to slide without the need for a fixed vertical upright.


Curved sliding elements offer smooth running performance and can be motorized upon request. It allows a radius of 1,5m for sliding and fixed panes. Curved glass is always tempered.
max. dimensions 3000 x 3000mm | min. R 1500mm


The skylight system is an innovative solution that enables the opening of inclined glass panels, allowing for easy access to roofs and large areas of natural ventilation.


This opening system operates by connecting two or more vertical sliding glass panes through an internal counterweight system. Perfectly balanced the glass panes move effortlessly in opposite directions and are freed to cover large surface areas.


Opening system that functions by means of a pivoting component with a central or side rotation axis, allowing the execution of large glass surfaces. It comes with different safety latch options.

tilt & turn

A system that can be opened in two positions: tilting position, wherein the opening is performed on the upper part and swinging that consists of a side opening. It allows for good acoustic and thermal insulation performance, while guaranteeing a good level of safety. It is designed to be aesthetically on par with the other panoramah! opening systems.

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