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ah! insect screen

panoramah! offers an integrated tailor-made insect screen system with low mounting depth for easy and long-term protection and use. This invisible screen is made of high-quality fabric providing an unhindered view outdoors.


The insect screen has been developed to be integrated into the outer rail of the system (birail, trirail or multirail). It will be supplied with a maximum net height of 3400mm and opening capacity up to 500mm wide for ah!38 and 700mm for ah!60. When recessed, the insect screen is completely embedded in the fixed frame, out of the view of the user. The water and dust repellent black polyester mesh combined with the tension wires ensure stability, durability and resistance to weathering agents. This new product aims to standardize and optimize insect screen applications in the ah!60 system and ah!38 system. In addition to being more versatile in terms of typologies and operation, the new system will significantly reduce installation time on site.

main features

When collected, the insect screen is completely embedded in the fixed frame and is integrated into the outer rail of the following sliding systems:




Main dimensions:

max. height: 3400mm

max. width: 700mm