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Tihany House by panoramah

© Tamás Bujnovszky

Tihany House
by Bara Ákos

Bara Ákos has had a lifelong connection to Lake Balaton, as his family owns a vacation home influenced by modernist architecture traditions in Tihany. Situated on the volcanic terrain of the area, characterized by its rugged topography, the design of the building on an elevated slope was profoundly influenced by the landscape. Alongside addressing the challenge of the topography, preserving the stunning view was also a priority throughout the design process.

During the planning phase, the architect regarded the lake not merely as a backdrop but as an essential part of the architectural narrative. He believed that lakeside buildings should be organically and intimately connected with the lakeside and the house’s exterior. However, the original house lacked direct access to the garden, and much of the plot remained unused. To address this issue, the layout was reconfigured, relocating the living room to a higher level and connecting it to the rear of the plot, maximizing the usable space. panoramah! minimalist windows played a crucial role in achieving these objectives and realizing the architect’s vision. These invisible frame windows, surrounding the living room on three sides with three 9-meter windows, not only offer expansive views but also enhance the building’s functionality and facilitate a seamless connection with the garden, contributing to the house’s distinctive and spacious atmosphere.

In addition to its ambiance, the Tihany house showcases other distinctive features, including carefully chosen materials and notable architectural elements such as the pattern on the flat roof and the fence at the garage entrance. The deliberate use of natural materials, known for their ability to age gracefully, was a conscious decision. According to Bara Ákos, the consideration of how materials develop a beautiful patina over time adds significant value to the house. This approach aims to create a sense of timelessness, where the building’s age becomes indistinguishable, thanks to the enduring beauty derived from years of careful use and preservation.

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Tihany House by panoramah