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Cadboro Bay House
by BoForm architecture studio

Inspired by the serene ambiance and delicate colours of Cadboro Bay, BoForm architecture studio designed Cadboro Bay House, a modern, minimalist house that harmonizes seamlessly with nature. A key goal of the project was to integrate the beach’s essence into the living space.

Located on Vancouver Island, the house exudes a calm atmosphere, with an interior palette mirroring the nearby beach. Neutral tones of grey and white create a serene mood, blending effortlessly with the landscape. Falken Reynolds interior design has created a warm and tranquil refuge for an active family of five, focusing on effortless living with durable, high-quality materials.

“The client had a clear vision for the house – a very pared-back, durable, and minimalist interior but with warmth and subtle sophistication.” The vision shared by the client, architects and interior designers about art, elegance and minimalism strikes a perfect balance between essential lines, details, and artworks. The home, featuring collectible pieces from the Canadian modernist tradition, resembles a small art gallery.

The floor plan is specifically designed to enhance horizon views through expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. Continuous ceilings and furnishing elements guide the eyes from the interior to the exterior, creating spatial and visual continuity. This effect is achieved with large open spaces connected to the outdoors by panoramah! minimalist windows, which feature almost imperceptible frames that maximize sightlines.

Every room is designed to offer the best bay view, making it an integral part of the home. Each panoramah! window enhances these stunning views from every possible location within the house. The interiors sparkle with the changing intensity and colours of the sun’s rays, creating a constant sense of being outdoors, even in winter, while enjoying the warmth of the home.

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