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The five points for the window of today by panoramah!

Be present globally, produce its glass, be fully customizable, be efficient and sustainable, have no limits to innovation

A worldwide built experience. A global distribution. Product and service, in all fronts. From design, all the way to installation. Our partners, our team, present all around the globe, at all stages of the process. Our customers, life in all timezones.

Slim design, with smooth operability and high precision aren’t compatible with the tolerances of the majority of the glass industry. Overcoming these limitations requires us to be the only brand to process its own glass up to nine meters. With strict quality control, reaching larger sizes, while maintaining the highest performance and ease of use.

Good design is not just what looks good. It needs to perform, adapt, astonish and fulfil its purpose. With inhouse production of bespoke manufactured doors and windows, and the ability to adapt and deliver complex solutions on time we remain faithful to the motto of being “the architect’s tool”.

Rather than “smart solutions” we seek intelligent windows. Reduced energy consumption, and thermal perfomance efficiency are challenges we match with the strictest of certificates. Making use of our world’s limited resources, seeing them as durable and not just a trend, is how we build a sustainable product for sustainable environments.

Continuously open to breakthrough technologies and innovation. Efficient sensors and motorization, vacuum glazing, electromagnetic sliding systems, smart materials or dynamic glass. Overcoming limitations through intelligent redesign and the incorporation of new solutions.

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