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Hotel Patina Maldives

Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass walls in Maldives

Have a look at the breathtaking Hotel Patina Maldives conceived by Marcio Kogan with Renata Furlanetto of Studio MK27.

If the ideal island Tomas More called Utopia had an earthly equivalent, it would undoubtedly be this one. In the words of the designers, a space “where hospitality provides romance and deep contact with nature but still boosts social encounter”, intended “to lead people to really share with one another the extreme experience of one of the most remote places on the planet”. In short, the perfect match for the Greek word “utopia”, with its double meaning of “eutopia” (good place) and “outopia” (no place).

Created to provide a radical living experience in an unspoiled natural environment, this 34.500 sqm hotel in the Maldives presents a series of trails and elegant villas, hovering above the exuberant infinite blue waters or perfectly blending with the native dense vegetation and the white sand beaches. An immersive and kaleidoscopic experience, with atmospheres that range from great vitality to complete isolation, powered by the ability of the rigorous delicate architecture to blend with the surrounding environment.

This extreme sophistication and connection with the tropical nature could hardly be achieved without the smooth operability and the uncompromising aesthetics of ah!38 birail and trirail solutions. These floor-to-ceiling sliding glass walls compose three sides of each villa and capture and amplify the landscape while rendering the transition between inside and the generous decks outside virtually unnoticed.