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Searching for the ideal window
03 Delight: Aesthetics & beyond

What should a window look like?

Giving hierarchy to the three dimensions that structure architectural work, Alberti enhanced beauty and delight (voluptas) as “the noblest and most necessary of all.” But it is worth noting that the fact that venustas generally comes last in the sequence, implies that firmitas and utilitas are to be regarded as essential logical prerequisites of architectural beauty. Likewise, good design is not just what looks good. It needs to perform, adapt, astonish, and fulfil its purpose. In the same way, although minimalism is often seen as a formal achievement or a trend in design, it truly corresponds to a philosophy that values simplicity and the elimination of excess, focusing on essential elements, and therefore relying consistently also in technical aspects.

Thanks to the technological developments that allowed for the use of glass as the main structural component of a window and enabled a constant increase in the dimensions of the sashes, minimalist windows were able to offer unmatched visual transparency and natural illumination. Alongside, a series of refinements in the design of the frame maintained extremely reduced dimensions and smooth operability, despite the increase of glass size and weight.

This allows for the complete integration in architectural elements, providing visual continuity between interior and exterior, since the small dimensions of the door and window frames are easily concealable in walls, floors and ceilings. Furthermore, panoramah!® windows are based in a rigorous conceptual design, one that maintains a constant thickness throughout the entire perimeter of the door or window, enabling an easy adaptation of the system and its customization according to the requirements of any architectural project.

It is why panoramah!® keeps faithful to the motto of being “the architect’s tool”. With inhouse production of bespoke manufactured doors and windows, panoramah!® is able to adapt and deliver complex solutions on time, adding value to its products and providing a window that astonishes and increases the satisfaction of its users.

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00 Introduction
01 Utility: Size & operability
02 Strength:Performance

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