The only manufacturer of bespoke minimalist windows that processes and manufactures in-house the main components of its systems: aluminium profiles and glass up to 9 meters.

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  • Barangaroo
    panoramah! manufactured the first curved minimalist windows with a concealed frame
  • Gusto 501
    Massive vertical sliding window
  • BlackCliff House
    BlackCliff House presides over the Salish Sea, where the mountains rise from the water

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Wood meets Minimalist Windows

Meet the new ah! Superwood series

With the same aluminium core of the ah!38 series, ah! Superwood
incorporates wood for excellent performance and exquisite aesthetic.



ah!60 from panoramah! is a groundbreaking exterior opening system with unmatched thermal and acoustic performance (up to Minergie-P and Passivhaus), ideal for very cold climates. It also stands out as an intrusion prevention solution for high demanding security specifications (RC4/WK4).



panoramah! Minimal Frame Window ah!38 is a sliding aluminum casement system that explores the structural properties of glass, enabling the execution of large glazed areas with the use of vertical, minimal (slender) aluminum profiles.



This minimalist window system from panoramah! consists of a sophisticated sliding aluminium casement that explores the structural properties of glass, enabling the execution of large glazed areas with the use of vertical, minimal (slender) aluminium profiles, resulting in great elegance.



These minimalist windows from panoramah! are peerless; ah! Noble Metals feature materials such as stainless and carbon steel and architectural bronze,
allowing numerous architectural solutions.


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panoramahpanoramah! headquarters

Unlimited Perspective SA
Ch. Philibert de Sauvage 37.
1219 Genève, Switzerland
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A network of partners
to bring you ah! Anywhere
you are In the globe!

• panoramah! headquarters

Unlimited Perspective SA
t +41 21 804 1700

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All that Glass

With surfaces above 98% structural glass, minimalist windows are all about glazing. From an industrial point of view, more significant glass dimensions require larger tempering furnaces, smooth operability and technical performances impose precision and higher quality standards, often more demanding than defined by international glass processing norms.

To keep up with new challenges, panoramah! verticalized its industrial activity and integrated glass transformation in 2011. Continuously investing in its transformation capacity ever since, it became one of the largest glass transformers in Europe with a 9-metre furnace and the ability to process double- and triple-glazed units up to 29 sqm. This capacity has proved critical in different processes, mainly as glass progressively absorbs new functions, admits irregular and curved shapes or assumes various aesthetic requirements.

panoramah! is currently the only manufacturer of minimalist windows in the world that processes and manufactures the main components of its systems, having full control and accountability over the entire process. From design to manufacture and installation, we answer for the complete system, both glass and aluminium. We streamlined glass transformation, adaptation to the system and transportation to the job site, rendering an apparently risky and complex procedure into an everyday job.

Furthermore, with built experience in over 60 different countries and a strong network of more than 50 certified specialized partners, panoramah! is effectively present throughout the globe. Supported by our team, this network is composed by fully experienced technicians that ensure a constant presence at all stages, from glazing consulting to installation and long-term maintenance.

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